Friday, April 19, 2013

Star Cookies: Script


Once upon a time, Mother Sky lived far above the earth, with her two children, Sun and Moon. One day, Sun and Moon’s Uncle, North Wind, invited the two children to his house for a picnic lunch. Mother Sky made sure they looked their very best and reminded them to be polite.

[I paused here to discuss some good ways to be polite. Share, say please and thank you, etc.]

 Mother Sky gave each of them a big hug, and off they went.

Uncle North Wind greeted them with a great big WHOOSH and invited them inside his house. The three enjoyed a tasty lunch of milky way milkshakes and galaxy sandwiches, and when they had finished, Uncle North Wind brought out a big tray of beautiful star cookies.

“Thank you, Uncle North Wind,” Moon said nicely. She picked out one cookie to eat.

“Wow!” Sun exclaimed, and even though he was already full from the sandwiches and milkshakes, he immediately set to gobbling them all up. The more he ate, the hotter he got, and the bigger he got, and when he was finished, he didn’t even say thank you. [Was that very polite of Sun? Nooooooo.]

Then he looked over at his sister, who still had a pile of cookies left. He reached out for one, but clever Moon quickly gathered them up. “I’m taking these home for Mother Sky,” she said, and carefully placed them into her basket.

Uncle North Wind thanked them for coming, then sent Sun and Moon on their way home. Mother Sky saw them coming from a distance. As they got closer, she realized just how hot and brightly Sun was burning.

“Why, Sun,” she said, “look how hot and flushed you are. Did you gobble up all of your uncle’s star cookies?”

“He made them for me,” Sun said rudely. “They were mine.”

His mother frowned at him. “You need to go back to him and apologize.”

“No I won’t,” Sun yelled, and he stomped his feet and crossed his arms and turned even redder, and before his Mother could send him to a well-deserved time out, he stormed off across the sky, where he decided to stay in the daytime, and never again come out at night.

Moon held up her basket. “I brought you some cookies,” she said.  Mother Sky smiled when she saw them.

“These are much too beautiful to eat,” she said. “Let’s put them on my robe, and you can stay with me each night to polish them and make sure they’re always shining their brightest.”

And that’s why we only see the sun during the day, and the moon at night.

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