Friday, July 6, 2012

Flannel Friday: Fabulous Fireworks!

Hello, hello, and Happy "Two Days After the" Fourth of July! I hope everyone who was celebrating had a nice holiday! I didn't go see any fireworks this year, but it's a decision I'm pretty okay with, considering that  we got hit with a rather ridiculous downpour about halfway through the fireworks.

Our theme for this week was 'Night Sky,' and Monday night (roughly 14 hours before my story time!) I saw a firework craft that made me go "oooh!" (To give credit where credit was due, here is the link to the craft.) I thought it would make a perfect "color" flannel board, so using the sparkly pipe cleaners as a jumping off point, I made seven different fireworks.

I don't think you can go wrong with this much sparkle.



I'm pretty sure this one is my mental image whenever I read about the Weasley twins setting off Catherine Wheels at Hogwarts under the regime of Umbridge the Unbearable. (Oh, JK Rowling. Write me another book about wizards, please and thank you!)

I also came up with a quick, simple rhyme to read aloud as I put each firework up.

We sit and look at the dark night sky,
Waiting for the fireworks to start to fly.
Then with a BOOM and a flash of light
A big RED firework sparkles in the night

We clapped our hands on BOOM and waggled our fingers on "flash of light," and then I had the kids shout out the color of the firework as I stuck it to the feltboard. They LOVED the big clap on BOOM - I think it got louder every time!

This was a super simple feltboard to put together - I think it only took me about an hour to get all the pieces made, and that was because I was being fussy about it. The kids seemed to like it, too - at the end of our flannel board, I had one little girl announce, "I'm going to take one of those fireworks now!" I was cracking up on the inside, but I had to explain that no, the fireworks needed to stay with me. I couldn't really blame her - sparkles are so tempting!

This Friday's roundup can be found at Miss Mary Liberry!


  1. I LOVE your fireworks! I can't wait to make some for next year. I had been searching for something with some extra WOW factor & those fit the bill.

    1. Thanks so much! They were SUPER simple, too - amazing, really, how far a little glitter and sparkle can go!

  2. Beautiful! You did an awesome job with the fireworks and the rhyme!

    I think my favorite is the blue because it reminds me of my favorite firework ~ the sparkle one.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a wonderful 4th!
    ~ K ~

    1. Thank you! I think the blue is my favorite, too. I love those kinds of fireworks - I've always called them weeping willows, since they remind me so much of the tree!

  3. I love these. I hope to make some for UK Bonfire Night - Rememer, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot!

    1. Glad to hear you like them! I actually stumbled across some Bonfire Night rhymes when I was searching for firework ones, but they focused a bit too much on the demise of Guy Fawkes for me to adapt them for my 2s and 3s, haha.

  4. These are beautiful! And I love your rhyme, I had a huge struggle coming up with a full 4th of July story time so this is definitely going in the folder for next year. How do your fireworks stick to the flannel board?

    1. Thank you, that's so nice to hear!

      The sparkly pipe cleaners actually do a pretty good job of sticking to the flannel board all on their own, but I added a bit of velcro (the scratchy side) to the back of each firework, just to be sure. Works like a charm!